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Art Director | Multidisciplinary Designer | Illustrator

Disney's tiny kingdom: theme park edition

In collaboration with the merchandise team, I helped to concept and develop a brand new line of Disney Theme Park pins in a series called "Disney's Tiny Kingdom."

These pins added a new layer of collectibility within the Pin Trading Community. Tiny Kingdom consisted of 96 pins that ranged from .2"-1". The challenge was two fold. 1: Creating pins that would be valued and collectible at nearly a quarter of the size of a normal collectible trading pin and 2: creating designs that would be valued and sought after from a Disney enthusiast.

We based the design around "building your own park." Where Guests would collect their favorite rides and attractions and be able to "create their own" park on the map.

To date we have created four series within two separate editions, equating to 182 tiny pins currently in circulation. The collectibility and pursuit of Guests own "Tiny Kingdom" has proven the concept two fold.


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