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Art Director | Multidisciplinary Designer | Illustrator

(Online Portfolio)



Hello FriendS!

My name is Jes...with one "s!" I am a creative professional living in sunny Orlando, Florida. Originally from Long Island, New York, I have over ten years of experience in small printing and publishing firms, full service ad agencies, and large corporations. 

Most designers are either a print designer, surface designer, layout designer, or have one specific discipline - that's just not me. I am a proud, multi-disciplinary designer with multiple years of experience in a number of design areas. This not only gives me the ability to lead and manage teams of diverse designers, but allows me to dive in and know exactly what it takes to actually get the design done!

I am available for freelance or full time work. Download my resume for more information on my experience and how I can bring a fresh creative perspective to your unique project!

Unrelated (but always related) Interests:

  • Softball | Coach and Player

  • #TrekBikes

  • Flyers | NHL

  • Space 

  • Pokemon & Avatar the Last Airbender!

  • Figment 

  • Harry Potter

  • Aquariums and more... 

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